understands the significance of the right to privacy and our organization and website policy accord great value to it with regard to any information or data that gets collected. Hence, we take utmost care to safeguard any of your personally identifiable information shared through our portal. With this privacy policy our sole aim is to clear any doubts regarding how, why and what information is collected through this website. This particular policy applies to the information gathered from this portal only and not on the information collected from any other source.

Kindly note that throughout this privacy document, the terms ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘website’ will denote this portal

Website Visitors

We would like to bring to your notice that may gather non-PII (personally identifiable information) such as the type of browser, language settings, the referral site, the time and data that is available through the web browser of the servers.

You may want to know why we need to collect such information. The main aim of collecting such non PII is to learn in detail about how the visitors to our website use it. The data, thus gathered may be revealed by us as a whole for creating and analysing a survey report for the enhancement of the website. Alternatively, for better learning our website may also collect the PII like the IP address of the users who log in and leave comments on the blogs we have published on our portal.

Gathering PII

This is done only in specific situations when a visitor of our website communicates with us and when we want to identify the person. The kind and amount of data that we gather this way will be dependent on the type of interaction made by the user.


Your personal information is very important and we understand the need to protect it. We will be following all the latest security guidelines and practices to safeguard the sanctity of your data. However, we would like to point out that there is nothing like fool-proof security on the Internet. Even though we take every step to protect your data, we cannot assure absolute safety in this regard.


While visiting our website you may spot advertisements that are put by marketing associates and they may set cookies. We wish to emphasize here that cookies are vital in helping ad servers to recognize the visitor’s machine at every visit. This is for the purpose of displaying web ads and to collect information about the visitor or anyone browsing our website from that computer. This collected data is what makes it possible for the advertisement network to put ad content that is pertinent. It also helps them determine the potential interests of the user. The Privacy Policy of our portal intends to cover the cookies on our webpage, and not for those by the advertisers.

Links to External Sites

As a company with great concerns about privacy we feel it is our responsibility to tell you that while going through our portal you may spot links to external web platforms or services that are not handled by our company. When clicking on such links, please note that you may be redirected to the appropriate third-party portal. We strongly urge our users to read and comprehend the terms and conditions of any such third-party websites or services before every such visit. We would like to emphasise that we have no control over the content that is displayed on such pages or the services provided by them. Hence, we take no responsibility for the same. Uses Google AdWords for Remarketing

The website utilizes remarketing services to promote third-party webpages (including Google), to those who have visited the website previously. These agencies may use the cookies to show the ads based on the visitor’s visits previously. Any information collected in this way will be used in compliance to the Privacy Policy by our firm and Google.

Protection of Personally Identifying Information (PII) reveals PII and potential PIIs to its staff who

1. Need the data to process the information on the portal or to offer the services that were already there on the website

2. Have consented not to reveal the data with anyone else.

The persons in this regard may live outside the home country of the visitors. By using our web portal, as a user you agree to give permission to hand over the pertinent data to those entities. assures its users that no PII will be sold or lent to anyone. In addition to the institutions mentioned above such data may also be revealed in such matters related to court orders, subpoena, or any request from administrative authorities, or when our firm thinks that the revelation of the data that is required is with genuine intent and for protecting the privileges or possessions of, its affiliate third parties or of the public in general.

Please note that if any visitor to our website at has registered their email id, they may get emails occasionally that announce our latest features, requests for feedback or regarding an update that we have introduced on our website or services. We assure you of carrying out the essential actions to safeguard users from illegal access, damage, or any other manipulation of the PII.

Aggregated Statistics may also collect the figures associated with the user behaviour pattern on our webpage. We also reserve the right to transfer the information to other parties or publish it for everyone to view. We however assure you that the PIL of our users will not be revealed.

Disclosure of Affiliate links has affiliate links on our web portal, by which we earn a certain amount of commission. This does not in any way impact the user’s purchases or service costs under any situation.

Cookies may use cookies to improve the experience of the users along with the applicable contents and advertisements displayed by the third parties. Cookies are minute or tiny files that aid our website in recognising users and monitoring their preferences and use of website. In case our users do not wish to allow us to use website cookies, they are free to do it by changing their browser settings. Please be aware that some features of the website might not function in the way they are supposed to in the absence of cookies.


Our clients who engage in monetary transactions with for using our services should provide more details that are vital for the completion of the transaction. Please be assured that we seek personal or monetary details that are mandatory to perform the transactions. The client may say no to make such information available. This, however, might interrupt the activities the user wishes to carry out through the web portal.

usiness Transfers

Business Transfers If a situation so arises where the or its assets were to be obtained or if the company goes bankrupt or stops its operation, any user data that it possesses, that which is the company’s asset would be transferred to or obtained or acquired by the concerned third-party. Whoever will be the appropriator of will have the right use the personal data as per the Privacy Policy that is written here.

Privacy Policy Changes may assess the Privacy Policy that is given here and make changes to it as and when the company deems fit. We would like to recommend our users to go through this section regularly to stay aware of the changes that may be made. By agreeing to use our website and its services, we believe that the user has read and concurs with the latest Privacy Policy of the company.