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What is a Character Letter for Court? Why is it Important?

If you are asked to write a Character Letter for Court, then you might be wondering what is a Character letter for court?  

A Character Letter for Court is a legal document which is prepared to defend the defendant in the criminal case against him or her.

This is important as it has the potential to influence the court decision on the final judgment of the case.


Questions You Should Answer Before Writing

Before you start to write a Letter of Character for court, there are certain questions one should answer and address in a character letter for court. 

Below we list a few questions you can address in a character letter for court.

This must be the question one should address in the initial part of the character letter for court.

You have to specifically mention for how long you have known the accused.

You can answer this question, by mentioning the good memories and experiences you have with the accused.

Here you can give specific examples to prove your claims as stating the examples will add more value to your letter of recommendation for court.

What Does a Judge Look for in Character LORs?

A Character Reference Letter for court will be evaluated by a Judge and a Prosecutor.

While evaluating a Character witness letter for court, a Judge or Prosecutor will look for the following details,


One has to know the basic formatting tips that have to be followed while writing an LOR, in order to write a perfect letter for Character witness for court.

Word Count:

200 – 400 words

Character Limit:

1500 – 2000 characters


One inch on all sides

Page Limit:

One page

Font Style:

Times New Roman

Font Size:

11 or 12

Character letter for court - Samples

Guidelines for Using Samples

Searching for the sample Character reference letter for court?

Here we have provided a Character reference for court sample letters to help you understand better what we have discussed so far. 

Be careful not to copy anything from the Character letter for judge example provided.

Skimming through the sample will help you understand:

Write Your LORs in 6 Steps

Writing an LOR can be daunting if you are unaware of the perfect writing style and steps.

We, with our experience of drafting hundreds of Character reference letters for court sentencing, have formulated a 6 steps strategy to help you better craft a good Character letter for court.

Who Is Eligible to Write LORs?

To write a Character Letter for Court, you must contact a person who holds a respectful position in the society and has known you personally.

You can choose either a Teacher, Psychiatrist, or your Employer to write a good Character letter for court.

The person must have known you for a long period of time and must vouch for your character traits.

Final Checklist

Preparing a checklist is always recommended to avoid missing out on any important points.

Below we list a checklist to help you ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important.

Do's and Don't in Your LOR

To write a Character Letter for Court, it is very important to be aware of Do’s and Don’ts while writing a Letter of Recommendation.



Contact the person’s lawyer to understand the requirements of a Character letter for court

Don’t accept to write a character reference, if you are uncomfortable to write or if you feel that the person accused is not worthy of receiving a character recommendation letter.

Always be clear and concise in your writing

Don’t make the letter too legal, as the letter demand a personal recommendation

Do provide good examples to substantiate your claims

Don’t recommend any punishments

Do acknowledge that the person has committed a mistake

Don’t write long essays, as it will make the Judge lose interest in your letter.

Tips for Writing

Our expert Character Reference Letter writers have formulated a few secret tips to make your writing perfect.

Below we list a few tips that can help you craft a good Letter of Recommendation for character reference for court. .


Character Letter for court has to be drafted with great care and precision.

As this is a legal document, you have to be clear with what you wish to say in the letter.

We hope we have answered all your questions regarding how to write a Character letter for court.

To make your understanding better we have included a Character letter for court example.

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