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Social Work letter of Recommendation - With Writing Guide 2024

Are you aspiring for a career in social work? Planning to do a master’s degree in Social Work? Then you would be asked to submit an MSW recommendation letter. Here is your companion to help you with the process of writing a Reference letter for social worker. Reading this blog enables you to understand the nuances of writing a Social Work letter of Recommendation. We have also attached a sample letter of recommendation for social work master’s program for your reference.

What is a Social Work Recommendation Letter? Why is it Important?

Social Work is a great career option which enables one to work with different strata of society.  A Social Work Recommendation Letter, is a recommendation letter written to endorse the application of an individual who aspires to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work. It is an important element of one’s application, because it enables the Admission Officers to analyze the candidature of the applicant. It also provides insight into the ethics, professionalism, personality and other details of the candidate. 


    Questions You Should Answer Before Writing MSW Recommendation Letter

    If you are unsure and confused about what to include in an MSW letter of recommendation, below we list a few questions that have to be answered in a recommendation letter. 

    Here you can write about the qualities of the candidate that makes him or her perfect for a course in Social Work and later for a career in Social Work. 

    Here you give your personal reasons for believing the candidate is an ideal fit for the program and a career in Social Work. Give credible and genuine reasons and examples to validate your points.

    How you know the candidate must be mentioned in the initial part of your recommendation letter. You can give details about the depth of your formal relationship. 

    Here you can give details about the personal characteristics and qualities of the candidate, that will help him or her thrive in the course work and profession in Social Work. 

    What Do Admissions Officers Look for in Social Work Recommendation Letter?

    In a social work master’s letter of recommendation, the Admission officers may look for the endorsement of social skills and the empathetic behavior of the candidate. They will also look for how genuine the Recommender is in recommending the candidate. Moreover, the Admission Officers may also look for eligibility and interest of the candidate as attested by the Recommender. 

    How Long Your Reference Letter for Social Worker Should be?

    Below we list a few formatting guidelines to help you write a perfect letter of recommendation for MSW program. Follow the same to make your recommendation letter attractive. 

    • Word count: 400 to 500 words
    • Character Count: 2500 to 3000 characters
    • Page Limit: One Page
    • Margin: One inch on all sides
    • Font Style: Times New Roman
    • Font Size: 11 or 12

    Social Work letter of Recommendation - Samples

    Guidelines for Using Samples

    Above we have attached an MSW recommendation letter sample to help you understand what we have discussed so far. Have a look at the same to understand how to write an attractive introduction, how to vouch for the skills and other qualities of the candidate, how to endorse the application of the candidate, how to give apt examples, etc. But remember the MSW recommendation letter sample, attached is just for your reference, and never ever try to copy from the online samples attached. 

    Write Your Letter of Recommendation for Social Work in 6 Steps

    Who Is Eligible to Write Recommendation Letter for Social Work?

    To write a recommendation letter, you can choose anyone who has a formal connection with you. You can either choose your Professors, Supervisors under whom you have worked when you were part of any NGO or volunteering work. If you have got any professional experience, you can ask your employer to write a referral letter for social worker.

    Final Checklist

    Do's and Don'ts in Your LOR for Social Work


    • Be genuine in your recommendation
    • As a student provide enough inputs to the Referee
    • As a Referee do enough research about the university and the course
    • Give special emphasis to the empathetic behavior and other crucial skills of the candidate that makes him or her a perfect candidate for the course



    • Never be boastful in your recommendation
    • Never give a negative recommendation
    • Don’t forget to proofread the document
    • Don’t try to plagiarize from online sources

    Tips for Writing


    We hope that reading this blog gave you enough information about the process of writing a letter of recommendation for a social worker. Share your take on the blog by commenting in the comment section below. We are ready to help you with our professional assistance. 

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