MBA Recommendation Letter – With Writing Guide 2023

Planning to write an MBA Reference Letter?

Confused about the perfect style and structure?

Bewildered about how to write MBA recommendation letter?

Don’t worry.

This blog on MBA Letter of Recommendation guide is an answer to all your daunting questions that are holding you back from writing a Letter of Recommendation for your student or colleague.

What is an MBA Recommendation Letter? Why is it Important?

Does the term “Letter of Recommendation” sound strange to you?

Don’t worry. We will explain.

When a student applies for an international education, they must submit an LOR, both academic and  professional, so that the university can receive professional assurance about the student’s abilities and talents.

It is important as it is a deciding factor for the student’s admission to the MBA program he or she has chosen.


Questions You should answer while Writing

As a recommender, you are tasked with recommending your student’s or colleague’s candidature for the MBA program he or she has chosen.

So below are some questions you have to answer while writing an MBA recommendation letter.

As a recommender, you can introduce yourself briefly and state for how long and in what

capacity and position you have known the candidate.

Mention briefly the core strengths of the candidate, like versatility, hard work, persistence, leadership capabilities, etc.

Here you can write what distinguishes the candidate from his or her fellow mates (including colleagues or classmates).

Give instances where the candidate has proven his/her leadership capabilities.

You can here explain how the candidate exhibited the skills of leadership, interpersonal skills, communication skills, and how he/she handled each obstacle with finesse.

Here, you can discuss the best characteristics of the candidate.

Rather than making plain statements, you can give instances where the candidate has proved the aforementioned characteristics.

What Do Admissions Officers Look for in LORs?

LOR stands second in importance after SOP when it comes to foreign university admissions.

Want to know what an Admission Officer looks for in a Letter of Recommendation?

In a Letter of Recommendation for MBA program, Admission Officers see how a  Recommender recommends a person and vouch for their intellectual capabilities and analytical skills. Below are a few pointers on how an Admission Committee evaluates your LOR.

How Long Your LOR Should be?

Planning to write a LOR for an MBA?

Confused about how long MBA recommendation letters should be?

Read the entire blog to get a comprehensive idea of how to write a recommendation letter for MBA program and how long your LOR should be.  

Word Count:

400 words

Character Limit:

2000 – 2500 characters

Page Limit:

one inch margin in all side


One page

Font Style:

Times New Roman

Font Size:

11 or 12

MBA Recommendation Letter Samples

Guidelines for Using Samples

Referring to a good sample will make your job much easier when writing a recommendation letter for MBA program.

Here we provide you with an MBA recommendation letter sample for your reference. Have a look at LOR samples for MBA and understand how:

Write Your LORs in 6 Steps

Before you start to write an LOR, it is imperative to understand how to write a letter of


In this section, we will walk you through the process of writing your LOR for an MBA in six steps.

Who Is Eligible to Write LORs?

Confused about who should write MBA recommendation letter for you?

Before you decide on whom to approach for an LOR, it is very important to have a clear 

understanding of the types of LOR for an MBA admission.

There are two types of LOR.

Professional and Academic.

Depending on the type of LOR you require, you can approach the respective person to write an LOR.

An academic LOR is expected to be written by someone who has been in close contact with you since your academic days and can vouch for your academic abilities.

For an academic LOR, you can contact any of your professors from your college or teachers from the educational institutions you were part of.

But always be careful to choose someone who knows you well and has seen your progress as a student.

As the MBA requires a few years of professional experience, you are asked to submit a professional LOR as well.

A professional LOR has to be written by someone who knows you well as a professional.

For a professional LOR you can contact your employer, Supervisor, Manager, etc. who can assert your professional capabilities and ability to work as part of a team.

Type of LOR

Who is eligible to write

Academic LOR

Professors or teachers who can vouch for your academic capabilities

Professional LOR

Employer or Supervisor who can assert your professional capabilities and ability to work as part of a team

Final Checklist

Do's and Don't in Your LOR

LOR plays an important role in the admission of a candidate to an MBA program.

Always ensure that the LOR is free from all types of errors.

Below we list a few DO’s and DON’Ts while writing a LOR.



Do include examples to illustrate the points better

False information

Be specific with your information

Exceed the word limit

Do include the recommender’s professional details.

Forget to proofread the LOR

Be genuine.

Ignore the guidelines for a successful LOR submission.

Tips for Writing

Confused about how to make your LOR interesting and impressive.

Have a glance at our tips to make your LOR look attractive.


So we’ve reached the end of the blog.

Hope we have answered all your queries on how to write a Letter of Recommendation for an MBA program.

Still confused about how to write a LOR?

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