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Recommendation letter for Fellowship - With Writing Guide 2024

Are you asked to write a Recommendation letter for Fellowship?

Finding it difficult to craft the perfect one?

Then this blog is just right for you.

Here you will find answers to all your daunting doubts pertaining to crafting a Reference letter for Fellowship.

What is a Fellowship Recommendation Letter? Why is it Important?

A Fellowship Recommendation Letter is a reference letter often submitted by the aspirants when they apply for a fellowship.

Since many of the fellowship programs are highly competitive, a Recommendation letter for Fellowship can actually increase your chances of selection.

It is important as it throws light on the personality and other aspects of the candidate which cannot be provided by a CV.


    Questions You Should Answer Before Writing

    There are certain questions one must answer while writing a recommendation letter for Fellowship.

    Below are a few questions that one must address when writing a reference letter for fellowship.

     Whether you are drafting a reference letter for postdoctoral fellowship or recommendation letter for research fellowship or recommendation letter for fellowship doctor, you have to address these questions while writing an LOR.

    Here you must explain how you know the candidate and for how long you have known the candidate and must explain the depth of your relationship.

    As an answer to this question, here you can give a brief description about the top qualities of the candidate you observed.

    Give instances where the candidate has exhibited these qualities.

    Explain why you think the candidate is a right choice for the fellowship program they have opted for and give reasons for the same.

    What Do Admissions Officers Look for in LORs?

    In a recommendation letter for fellowship, an Admission Officer may look for the personal traits and qualities of the candidate, eligibility of the candidate, etc.

    They will also look for where the candidate stands as an individual, how the Recommender vouches for the abilities of the candidate, etc.

    How Long Your LOR Should be?

    Before starting to write the recommendation letter, you have to familiarize yourself with the basic details regarding the drafting of the LOR like the length, word count, font style, font size, etc.

    Here we list the basic formatting guidelines one has to follow while writing a letter of recommendation for fellowship.

    Word Count:

    400- 500 words

    Character Limit:

    2000 – 2500 characters


    one inch margin in all side

    Page count:

    one page

    Font Style:

    Times New Roman

    Font Size:

    11 or 12

    Recommendation Letter for Fellowship – Samples

    Guidelines for Using Samples

    A good sample letter of recommendation for fellowship program will help you better understand what we have discussed so far.

    Here we have attached a sample recommendation letter for fellowship program.

    Refer the same to understand how to write an attractive introduction, how to conclude effectively, importance of following correct structure and format, etc.

    Write Your LORs in 6 Steps

    Having read our fellowship recommendation letter sample, are you now confident to write a letter of recommendation for fellowship?

    Let’s now dive deep into the process of writing a Recommendation letter for fellowship.

    Our experts have devised a perfect 6 steps strategy to help you write an excellent letter of recommendation for fellowship.

    Who Is Eligible to Write LORs?

    Choosing the right person to write a recommendation letter is very important to increase your chances of admission.

    Always choose a person who can give authentic information about you and can vouch for your abilities.

    Below we list a few persons you can consider to write a reference letter for fellowship.

    Final Checklist

    Here is a checklist to help you draft a perfect recommendation letter for fellowship.

    Do's and Don't in Your LOR

    It is always recommended to understand DO’s and DON’Ts to better craft a recommendation letter for fellowship.

    Here we list DO’s and DON’Ts to help you draft an error free fellowship recommendation letter.



    Follow correct format and structure

    Don’t overlook the extracurricular activities

    Adhere to the guidelines

    Don’t forget to proofread the document

    Stick to the word limit

    Don’t provide false information

    Provide enough examples to substantiate your points

    Don’t forget to submit within the deadline

    Provide Recommender’s contact information

    Don’t be generic in your approach

    Tips for Writing

    With our years of experience in writing LOR for scholarship, our experts have formulated the following tips to help you craft an impressive LOR for scholarship.


    A strong Reference Letter for Fellowship is an assurance to get selected in a fellowship program.

    Hope this blog helped you to gain a fundamental understanding on how to draft a letter of recommendation for fellowship.

    Do let us know your take on this blog by posting your opinions below as comments in the comment section below.

    Feel free to contact us if you require any professional assistance to craft a perfect letter of recommendation for fellowship.

    Mrs. Sreeja Sudha

    Mrs. Sreeja Sudha

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