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Dental School Letters of Recommendation - With Writing Guide 2024

Are you asked to write a Dental school letters of recommendation? Confused about how to write the same? But it will be pathetic, if your student loses his or her dream Dental school admission, only because the recommendation letter you wrote was not up to the mark. Don’t worry, we will help you tackle this problem. Here in this blog, we will discuss everything pertaining to writing letters of recommendation for dental school. 

What is a Dental School Recommendation Letter?

Dental School recommendation letter is an official letter written as a part of a candidate’s dental school admission. It is an endorsement letter written to recommend the candidature of a person for the Dental School admission. 


The letters of recommendation dental school, is an important element of a dental school admission because it will help:


    Questions You Should Answer Before Writing Dental school letters of recommendation

    Here we list a few questions one as a recommender has to answer in the letters of recommendation dental school. Reading the same will give you an idea on how to write  content for the dental school recommendation letter.

    Here you can explain how you know the candidate, what your association with the candidate was. Explain the depth of your relationship and association. 

    Do explain about the skills and qualities of the candidate which is relevant to a dental school admission. Add relevant examples to add more credibility to the points discussed. 

    As a recommender, you would probably know about the course motivation and interest of the candidate. So do explain it here, and discuss the eligibility of the candidate for the Dental school program opted. 

    Here you can explain how the candidate performed in academics and how interested and active he or she was in your lectures. 

    What Do Admissions Officers Look for in a Dental school letters of recommendation?

    Pondering over what do dental schools look for in letters of recommendation and how many letters of recommendation for dental school? So let’s answer the second question first, as the first question requires detailed explanation. A maximum of four recommendation letters are expected by the dental school, but it may vary upon the type of dental school you opted for.

    So let’s come back to the first question. In a letter of recommendation for dental school, the admission officers may look at the skills and qualities of the candidate, genuineness of recommendation, the contact details of the referee, insight into the personality and other skills of the candidate which other documents fail to provide. 

    How Long Your LOR for Dental School Should be?

    This is one of the frequently asked questions by referees and students, but our experience of drafting thousands of recommendation letters has enabled us to identify the below formatting guidelines, but remember these are general formatting guidelines, one must always check their respective dental school’s website for the right guidelines.

    • Word count: Preferably 400 to 500 words
    • Character Count: 2000 to 2500 characters
    • Margin: One inch on all side
    • Font Style: Times New Roman
    • Font Size: 11 or 12

    Dental school letters of recommendation - Samples

    Guidelines for Using Samples

    So here we have attached a sample dental school letter of recommendation. Go through the same and understand how your concerns are addressed. Remember, the dental school letter of recommendation example attached is just for the reference, so it is advised not to copy anything from the reference provided, because if your recommendation letter is caught for plagiarism, then it will affect the chances of the candidate’s admission.  

    Write Your Dental school letters of recommendation in 6 Steps

    Who Is Eligible to Write letters of recommendation for dental school?

    Are you wondering whom to approach to write a recommendation letter? You can approach any professional who knows you well and can recommend you genuinely. So it is always better to approach a:

    Final Checklist

    Here is a checklist to help you ensure that you haven’t missed anything important.

    Do's and Don'ts in Your letters of recommendation for dental school


    • Always stick to the guidelines
    • Proofread the document
    • Write a customized recommendation letter
    • Provide examples to better impress the admission officials



    • Never neglect the word limit
    • Never plagiarize from any sources
    • Don’t provide false information
    • Never agree to write a letter, if you are not interested or doesn’t know the candidate well

    Tips for Writing

    Here are some tips devised by our expert LOR writers to make your recommendation letter for Dental School look attractive and compelling. 


    Having read the blog on recommendation letter for Dental School, are you now confident to write a recommendation letter for your student or colleague. We hope that this blog gives you some useful information. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

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    Mrs. Sreeja Sudha

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