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LOR for Data Science - With Writing Guide 2024

Planning to upskill yourself with a master’s degree in Data Science? Then it is sure that you may have been asked to submit a recommendation letter. But wondering how to make your Recommender understand the process of writing an LOR for Data Science? Then don’t worry, this blog is an answer to all your daunting questions. So read the blog to get answers to all your doubts regarding how to write a Data Science recommendation letter.

What is a Data Science Recommendation Letter? Why is it Important?

Being one of the most in-demand courses of the time, Data Science is a perfect choice for anyone who has a penchant for advanced technology. A Data Science Recommendation Letter is an endorsement letter written to endorse the application of a student who wishes to join a course in Data Science. Here the Recommender vouches for the skills of the candidate and recommends the candidate for the Data Science program he or she has chosen.

It is an important element of one’s application because here the Recommender throws light upon the personality and other characteristics of the candidate. It enables the Admission Officers to better evaluate the profile of the candidate and take informed decisions about the admission of the candidate.


    Questions You Should Answer Before Writing

    To write an effective letter of recommendation for Data Science, one has to include a lot of information regarding the professional information of the Referee, academic and professional prowess of the candidate, personality of the candidate, etc. So below we list a few questions that have to be answered by the Recommender while writing an LOR for MS in Data Science.

    This is one of the important questions that has to be answered while writing a recommendation letter. Here you have to mention, how you know the candidate, what  your relation is, how deeply you know each other (academically or professionally), etc.

    As a Recommender, you should mention how the candidate is a perfect choice for the Data Science program. Here you can add details about the technical prowess, coding and programming capabilities of the candidate.

    Here you can add details about the personal and academic/professional capabilities of the candidate, and mention how the candidate is unique compared to his or her peers.

        To answer this question, you can say how proficient the candidate was in the curricular and extracurricular activities and how he or she can perform with the same diligence and passion in the chosen university as well.

    What Do Admissions Officers Look for in LORs?

    In a Recommendation letter, the Admission officers will look for details mentioned below:

    How Long Your LOR Should be?

    While writing a letter of recommendation for MS in Data Science it is essential to keep a tab on the word limit, because a lengthy or short LOR will have a negative effect on your application. So here we list basic formatting guidelines to be followed while writing a Data Science letter of recommendation.

    The word count has to be between 400 to 500 words, and the characters have to be limited between 2000 to 2500. The preferred margin size is one inch on all sides. The ideal font size and styles are 11 or 12 and Times New Roman or Arial. Remember to keep your letter to one page.

    LOR for Data Science - Samples

    Guidelines for Using Samples

    Here we have attached LOR samples for MS in Data Science for your reference. Refer the attached sample letter of recommendation for MS in Data Science, and understand how to structure each paragraph, how to vouch for the skills of the candidate, how to provide apt examples, etc. So refer the sample LOR for MS in Data Science, but remember, never try to copy from the sample attached as it will cause your recommendation letter to be caught for plagiarism.


    Write Your LORs in 6 Steps

    Who is Eligible to Write LORs?

    In order to write a recommendation letter for Data Science program, you as a candidate can choose your Professors, Employers, Head of the Department, Co –workers, Supervisors or Managers, etc. But they must know you really well so that they can give a genuine and wonderful recommendation

    Final Checklist

    A checklist helps you to be confident that you haven’t missed any important points to be included in a letter of recommendation for masters in Data Science. Below is a checklist to help you ensure that your recommendation letter contains all the important points.

    Do's and Don't in Your LOR


    • Be short and precise and add vivid details
    • Use a professional tone
    • Write only relevant details
    • Provide enough examples to prove the claims made



    • Copy from any external sources
    • Provide false information
    • Give negative recommendation
    • Forget to proofread the letter

    Tips for Writing


    Hurray! You have reached the end of the blog and we hope that by now you are clear with the process of writing an LOR for Data Science. Feel free to contact us, if you have any doubt regarding the drafting of a recommendation letter for Data Science and our team of writers would be happy to assist you.

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