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Recommendation Letter for Promotion enhances the applicant’s chances of promotion.

Are you asked by your junior colleague to write a Recommendation Letter for Promotion?

Finding it difficult to draft a letter of recommendation for promotion?

Then this blog is your perfect choice to craft a Recommendation for promotion of employee.

Read the blog further to know how to draft a recommendation for promotion letter for employee.

What is a Promotion Recommendation Letter? Why is it Important?

A Promotion Recommendation Letter is a reference letter written by a Senior Officer of the Candidate to recommend him or her for a promotion.

Since it is written from a third person perspective it gives more value to the candidature of the applicant.

It is important as it:


    Questions You Should Answer Before Writing

    While writing a Recommendation Letter for Promotion, it is imperative from your side to answer some of the basic questions like the ones mentioned below.

    Answering these questions can add more value to your recommendation letter.

    This is one of the important questions to answer while writing a recommendation letter.

    And as a Recommender you have to explain how you know the candidate and in what capacity.

    Here you have to explain what you think makes the candidate eligible for the promotion and give examples to prove the claims.

    Answers to this question must include what are the personal qualities and traits of the candidate that you think make the candidate most suitable for the promotion.

    What Do Officers Look for in LORs?

    In a recommendation letter for promotion, the recruiting officer will look for the personality traits, work ethics, professionalism, communication and coordination skills, interpersonal interactive skills of the candidate, etc.

    So as a Recommender, you are supposed to give sufficient evidence to substantiate the points mentioned.

    How Long Your LOR Should be?

    Following a correct format for Recommendation Letter is important as it will help to increase the visual impact of the letter.

    Word Count:

    300 – 400 words

    Character Limit:

    1500 – 2000 characters


    One inch margin on all sides

    Page count:

    one page

    Font Style:

    Times New Roman or Arial

    Font Size:

    11 or 12 point font

    Recommendation Letter for Promotion - Samples

    Guidelines for Using Samples

    Tired of searching for a sample recommendation letter for promotion?

    Then we can be of help to you.

    Here we have attached a recommendation for promotion sample.

    Reading this write up for promotion justification sample will help you gain an idea on how to write a recommendation letter for promotion.

    Referring to the sample will help you understand how to write an attractive introduction, conclusion, how to effectively recommend the candidate, style and structure to be followed, etc.

    Write Your LORs in 6 Steps

    Having gained fundamental understanding on how to write an employee recommendation for promotion, let’s now dive deep into the process of writing the same.

    Here we list a 6 step strategy to structuralize your ideas into words.

    Who Is Eligible to Write LORs?

    To write a recommendation letter, the best person an employee can choose is their Manager or Supervisor under whom they have worked.

    Provided that the Recommender knows the employee in person, the Recommender is expected to provide personal stories and anecdotes rather than providing mere factual statements.

    Final Checklist

    Preparing a checklist is a great way to ensure that the Recommender doesn’t miss anything important.

    Here we have attached a checklist for employee recommendation for promotion.

    Referring the same will help you not to miss anything important.

    Do's and Don't in Your LOR

    There are some Do’s and Don’ts while writing a recommendation letter and having a clear understanding of the same is recommended to craft a perfect recommendation letter for promotion.



    Provide concrete examples to substantiate your points

    Don’t forget to proofread the document

    Do adhere to guidelines

    Don’t provide false information

    Be specific in writing a Promotion justification letter

    Avoid spelling or grammatical or any other mistakes

    Make it personal and customized

    Don’t use passive voice while writing the Recommendation Letter for Promotion

    Mention positive experiences that you had with the candidate

    Don’t be vague in writing the Recommendation for promotion of employee

    Tips for Writing

    Since you are entrusted to write a recommendation letter for promotion, you are shouldered with a huge responsibility.

    Here are our pro tips to make your LOR look good.


    Wow… you have now reached the end of the blog and are well versed with the process of writing a recommendation letter for promotion.

    Hope you are clear with the points discussed so far and are now confident to write a promotion recommendation letter on your own.

    If some doubts still daunt you, we are happy to help you with our assistance.

    Do let us know your take on this blog by commenting in the comment section below.

    Mrs. Sreeja Sudha

    Mrs. Sreeja Sudha

    With a specialization in academic content writing, Sreeja Sudha is a skilled Content Writer and Editor who has got years of experience in crafting Statement of Purposes (SOPs) for students who are aspiring to pursue a masters degree . Her passion for delivering impactful and captivating pieces made her a top choice for students to craft their academic documents. Her expertise in various subjects, writing styles, and a tailored and persuasive writing approach helped her successfully cater to students' academic goals.

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